VCLA international studet awards 2019 – Call for nominations

The Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms (VCLA) at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) seeks nominations for the annually awarded VCLA International Student Awards for Outstanding Master and Undergraduate Research Theses, which recognize authors of scientific works covering a very wide range of topics on the spectrum of Logic, and Computer Science.
Extended submission deadline: 25.3.2019
More details at:

*Outstanding Master Thesis Award: 1200 EUR
*Outstanding Undergraduate Research (Bachelor) Award: 800 EUR
*The winners will be invited to present their work at an award ceremony in Vienna, Austria in the autumn 2019

*The degree must have been awarded between November 15th, 2017, and December 31st, 2018, (inclusive).
*Students who obtained their degree at TU Wien are excluded from the nomination.

*Computational Logic, covering theoretical and mathematical foundations such as proof theory, model theory, computability theory, Boolean satisfiability (SAT), QBF, constraint satisfaction, satisfiability modulo theories, automated deduction (resolution, refutation, theorem proving), non-classical logics (substructural logics, multi-valued logics, deontic logics, modal and temporal logics).
*Algorithms and Computational Complexity, including design and analysis of discrete algorithms, complexity analysis, algorithmic lower bounds, parameterized and exact algorithms, decomposition methods, approximation algorithms, randomized algorithms, algorithm engineering, as well as algorithmic game theory, computational social choice, parallel algorithms, and distributed algorithms.
*Databases and Artificial Intelligence, concerned with logical methods for modeling, storing, and drawing inferences from data and knowledge. This includes subjects like query languages based on logical concepts (Datalog, variants of SQL, XML, and SPARQL), novel database-theoretical methods (schema mappings, information extraction and integration), logic programming, knowledge representation and reasoning (ontologies, answer-set programming, belief change, inconsistency handling, argumentation, planning).
*Verification, concerned with logical methods and automated tools for reasoning about the behavior and correctness of complex state-based systems such as software and hardware designs as well as hybrid systems. This ranges from model checking, program analysis and abstraction to new interdisciplinary areas such as fault localization, program repair, program synthesis, and the analysis of biological systems.

1. A cover page that contains the name and contact details of the nominated person, the title of the work for which the person is being nominated, award category, the date on which the degree was awarded, and the name of the university
2. An English summary of the thesis of maximum 3 pages, excluding references (A4 or letter page size, 11pt font min). The summary must clearly state the main contribution of the work, its novelty, and its relevance to some of the aforementioned areas of interest
3. The CV of the nominated person, including publication list (if applicable)
4.An endorsement letter from a supervisor or another proposing person. The letter must clearly state the independent and novel contribution of the student, and why the proposer believes the student deserves the award. The endorsement letter may be submitted to the award committee after the deadline for the submission of nominations has passed.
5. The full thesis

*Extended submission deadline: March 25, 2019 (AoE) *Notification of decision: end of June 2019
*Award ceremony: September 2019, Vienna (Austria)

The award is dedicated to the memory of Helmut Veith, the brilliant computer scientist who tragically passed away in March 2016, and aims to carry on his commitment to promoting young talent and promising researchers in these areas.

Отворен позив за пријаву на трећи Falling Walls Lab Belgrade у организацији DAAD-овог информативног центра у Београду

DAAD Информативни центар у Београду, у сарадњи са фондацијом „Konrad Adenauer“, Goethe-Институтом и Универзитетом у Београду, организује трећи по реду Falling Walls Lab у Србији, иновативну платформу за представљање истраживачких пројеката у рангу научног пробоја у свим научним дисциплинама.

Falling Walls Lab је намењен студентима свих нивоа студија истраживачима. Пријаве за учешће на Falling Walls Lab Белграде се шаљу централно преко портала на: до 12. маја 2019.

Сваки учесник има три минута у којима ће представити своју идеју или пројекат и убедити локални жири у иновативност своје замисли.

Победник београдског Falling Walls Lab-а као награду добија учешће у финалу Falling Walls Lab у Берлину 8. новембра, као и присуство на Falling Walls конференцији 9. новембра 2019.

Догађај ће се одржати у Goethe-Институту 9. јуна 2019. године. Учесници ће присуствовати ексклузивној и бесплатној радионици Science Communication пре самог Lab-а.

Више информација може се наћи на страници:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Академија

mdcsMicrosoft жели да инвестира у наше младе и перспективне људе и зато организује бесплатну обуку – D365 Business Central Академија. Предавања су замишљена у трајању од 8 сати дневно, од 8. априла до 14. априла 2019. године, у просторијама Microsoft-а у Београду.

Предавањима ће бити обухваћене D365 Business Central области и сва предавања ће бити на српском језику:

* D365 Business Central Introduction, Deployment, Personalization and User Experience
* Trade and Inventory in D365 Business Central
* Manufacturing Management in D365 Business Central
* Inventory and Mfg. Costing in D365 Business Central
* Financial Management in D365 Business Central
* Financial and Accounting in D365 Business Central
* AL Extension Development in D365 Business Central

Заинтересовани студенти могу послати CV са пропратиним текстом на имејл:, до 17. марта. На располагању је 15 слободних места, а очекују се пријаве дипломаца или апсолвената — економиста, менаџера, информатичара, инжењера.

Internship program in Retail Risk Management Division & in Risk Controlling Division

If you are a student of Faculty of Mathematics. Courses of study:
• Computer Science and Informatics
• Applied Mathematics
• Statistics, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics

and fulfill following conditions:
• Final-year student/student on a Master program
• Average grade at least 8.00

and have qualifications:
• Experience with some of the programming languages: SQL, R, Python, Java
• Knowledge of MS Office and/or MS Office 365
• Knowledge of English language
• Good analytical and organizational skills
• Responsibility and accuracy in work
• Proactive approach
• Readiness for individual and team work

Preferred good pre-knowledge of analytical tools, applicative solutions and technologies.

Internship program lasts for 6 months and will be organized via Youth organization. You will have an opportunity to gain valuable experience while:
• Working on the statistical and mathematical models, the methodology and model development
• Working on the model implementation in SAS software surrounding
• Reporting for managing credit risk
• Using Software as a service Solutions (SaaS) platforms to create, design and automate business analytics and reporting

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team and transforming your knowledge into skills and experience, upload your CV or send it directly to our email:

Please apply till 24/03/2019

*Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Coca-Cola Rise Management Trainee program

Компанија Coca-Cola ХБЦ Србија отвара нови конкурс за Coca-Cola Rise Management Trainee програм у трајању од две године, намењен студентима четврте године студија, апсолвентима, дипломцима, као и полазницима мастер студија акредитованих Универзитета и високих школа у Србији.

Овај програм пружа прилику младима да уз пуно запослење, у динамичном и изазовном окружењу, усаврше своје лидерске вештине и развију експертизу у одређеној области, остварујући свој пуни потенцијал.

Полазници ће након завршетка програма моћи да остану у компанији, захваљујући јединственој прилици да успешно започну своју каријеру на јуниор менаџерским или експертским позицијама у компанији Coca-Cola ХБЦ Србија.

Конкурс је отворен у периоду од 25. фебруара до 7. априла. Више информација и пријаву можете наћи на локацији: