Семинар за геометрију, визуализацију и образовање са применама, 12. јануар 2017.

Наредни састанак семинара биће одржан у четвртак, 12. јануара 2017. у сали 301ф, Математичког института САНУ, са почетком у 17:15 часова.

Предавач: Игор Салом, Институт за Физику Београд


Апстракт: In this talk, we will construct three-body permutation symmetric hyperspherical harmonics to be used in the non-relativistic three-body Schrodinger equation in three spatial dimensions (3D). We will label the state vectors according to the S3 x SO(3) \subset O(2) x SO(3) \subset U(3) x S2 \subset O(6) subgroup chain, where S3 is the three-body permutation group and S2 is its two-element subgroup containing transposition of first two particles, O(2) is the so-called „democracy transformation“ group for three particles; SO(3) is the 3D rotation group, and U(3), O(6) are the usual Lie groups. We discuss the good quantum numbers implied by the above subgroup chain, as well as their relation to the S3 permutation properties of the harmonics, particularly in view of the SO(3) \subset SU(3) degeneracy. An extended introduction will be given, intended to bring some physical concepts closer to a mathematical audience.