Семинар за рачунарство и примењену математику, 9. март 2021.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан онлајн у уторак, 9.марта 2021. са почетком у 14:15.

Предавач: Проф.др Зорица Богдановић, Факултет организационих наука


Апстракт: Digital transformation and the rapid adoption of e-business models and technologies require full alignment of software development and IT operations to the rapidly shifting needs of their business. For this purpose, DevOps has emerged as a set of practices and tools that rely on the concepts of continuous development, integration, testing, release automation, operations and performance monitoring. IT education needs to comply with this trend, both in the curricula development and the choice of teaching and learning methods. With this in mind, the goal of this research is to develop a conceptual framework for applying DevOps principles and practices in project-based e-learning and provide students with a possibility to learn in an environment similar to the one they will work in. The proposed approach was evaluated within the Department for e-business, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, for the realization of student’ projects in the fields of frontend, backend and full-stack development, internet of things, cloud computing, and IT project management. The results show that students who learn using the proposed approach achieve good results, are satisfied with the quality of the education process, and easily adapt to their working environment.

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