Семинар за рачунарство и примењену математику, 24. новембар 2020.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан у уторак, 24. новембра 2020, у сали 301ф Математичког института САНУ са почетком у 14:15.

Предавач: Миодраг Михаљевић, Математички институт САНУ


Апстракт: A problem of developing the consensus protocols in public blockchain systems which spend a combination of energy and space resources is addressed. A technique is proposed that provides a flexibility for selection of the energy and space resources which should be employed by a player participating in the consensus procedure. The technique originates from the cryptographic time-memory-data trade-off approaches for cryptanalysis. The proposed technique avoids the limitations of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Memory (PoM) which require spending of only energy and space, respectively. Also, it provides a flexibility for adjusting the resources spending to the system budget. The proposed consensus technique is based on a puzzle where the problem of inverting one-way function is solved employing a dedicated Time-Memory-Data Trade-Off (TMD-TO) paradigm. The algorithms of the consensus protocol are proposed which employ certain unconstrained and constrained TMD-TO based inversions. Security of the proposed technique is considered based on the probability that the honest pool of nodes generate a longer extension of the blockchain before its update, and a condition on the employed parameters in order to achieve desired security has been derived.

Напомена: Због тренутне епидемиолошке ситуације, максималнан број слушалаца у сали је 10 (укључујући предавача и организаторе семинара). Предавања се могу пратити на даљину преко линка: