Levi Nine Scholarships for IT students

levi9Through our years of experience in the cooperation with faculties and student organizations, we recognized the importance of scholarship programs. Talented and proactive students come to us looking for a possibility to meet the company and experience the working environment during their studies. As a company, we recognize good work and aim to reward students to keep up the good work.

As of this year, we will offer our Scholarship for students of IT orientation from the University of Belgrade. We invite students who are enrolling 4th and 5th year in the current school year (2018/2019) to apply.

We provide the scholarship during one university year, in a 10-month period, starting from October 1st until the end of September (with a pause during July and August). While receiving scholarship you are not obligated to work.

For more information about the application and selection process please follow this link.

You can submit your application until September 30th, 2018.