Вероватносне логике, 24. новембар 2016.

Наредни састанак Семинара биће одржан у четвртак, 24. новембра 2016. у сали 301ф Математичког института САНУ са почетком у 15 часова.

Предавач: Александар Каплар, Факултет техничких наука, Универзитет у Новом Саду


Апстракт: Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) are systems designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with clinical decision-making tasks such as establishing a diagnosis or determining the appropriate course of therapy. In order to model and automatize such complex tasks, a CDSS system needs to have human-like reasoning capabilities. It must, as humans often do, be able to handle imprecision, uncertainty, and limited knowledge resources about every possible aspect of the problem being solved. Non-Axiomatic Logic (NAL) is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) framework designed for intelligent reasoning with insufficient background knowledge and physical resources. This lecture provides an overview of the challenges and state-of-the-art approaches in CDSS design while underlining the potential uses of NAL in this context.